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Thank you for your interest in CREW!

Apply now! The CREW at Overnight program is filling quickly.

Additionally, we still have spots open in our CREW at Glen Eyrie program. It combines the best parts of CREW with a shorter day program – perfect for busy campers!


Lost & Found update: We will no longer offer lost and found after camp has ended

We will have several opportunities for campers to look through Lost and Found during their camp session AND we will have a Lost and Found table out on Friday morning for parents to look over as they leave. However, we will no longer search through Lost and Found after camp; all Lost and Found will be donated.

A couple quick tips to help your camper’s gear pack stay intact:

  • PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING with camper’s full name!
  • PLEASE DO NOT send anything of strong sentimental or monetary value!
  • PLEASE take the time Friday to look over the Lost and Found table before you leave.

PRO TIP: Some expert camp parents send their campers with a “Packing Checklist” to use so campers know what important things to look for as they’re packing their bags at the end of the week! (This is also super helpful for counselors, especially if there is a special “snuggie” campers need for bedtime every night!)


You belong here!



Ages: 15–17

Length: 4 Week Program
Session 1: June 13 - July 10
Session 2: July 11 - August 7

Cost: $625



Ages: 15–17

Length: 4 Week Program
Session 1: June 13 - July 10
Session 2: July 11 - August 7

Cost: $625

Crew at Glen Eyrie

Day Camp

Ages: 13-16

Length: 1 Week Programs:
Session 1: June 15-19 (cost prorated)
3 Week Programs:
Session 2: June 22 – July 10
Session 3: July 13 – July 31

Cost: $600



Ages: 15-17

Length: 4 Week Program
Session 1: June 13 - July 10
Session 2: July 11 - August 7

Cost: $625

Want to join us for CREW?

Apply Now!


Crew is an opportunity to . . .

Crew campers gain volunteer experience as they live and work at camp for five weeks, handling the foundational aspects of camp maintenance, food service, and other projects and learning what it means to truly serve with Christ as our example.

These five weeks provide an unparalleled opportunity to grow spiritually through discipleship, in-depth inductive Bible study, daily quiet times, weekly extended time alone with God, worship, and life-changing messages.

This unique time away from the distractions of the world provides an environment ideal for developing meaningful, lasting friendships rooted in Christ as campers work, live, and play alongside like-minded campers.

Surrounded by the Colorado Rockies, campers have amazing opportunities to adventure and explore as they hike, kayak, play on our beach, and participate in activities like camp-wide balloon fights.


UPDATE: Our Crew application process is staggered this year. 

November 1st: application opens for 2019 returning Crew members

November 11th: application opens for Crew 2019 wait-listed applicants

November 21st: Application opens for those who served on Crew at Glen Eyrie or Crew On Location

December 1st-January 5th the application is open for everyone interested!

January 5th-January 31st the application is open for everyone interested!

February 10th: all candidates will be notified

Private links to the application will be sent out to returners, waitlisted campers, and Crew at Glen Eyrie, Crew at On Location on their assigned days. Please inquire if you do not receive a link the day after your application opens. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once we receive 68 female applications, all additional female applications will be placed on the wait-list regardless of other conditions. Once we receive 68 male applications, all additional male applications will be placed on the wait-list regardless of other conditions. We will pull applicants from the wait-list in the order they were received regardless of other conditions as needed.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: We had so much success with CREW at Glen Eyrie last year that we’ve expanded the program from 12 to 24 spots. If you want the CREW experience and live in Colorado Springs it could also be a good fit. The ages are 13-16 and the program is during the day for 3,6, or 9 weeks. Learn more by clicking here.



Step 1: Apply
Fill out the application.

Step 2: Record an audio file
Near the end of your application, you will be given around 5 questions to answer in audio file format.

Step 3: Email your SHORT audio file format to the CREW Director.
Your application is only considered complete once the audio file is received.

Step 4: Hang Tight
Since the CREW process is staggered it will take a couple of months to receive all of our applicants. You will hear back on February 10th.

Step 5: Register
Once you’ve been accepted into the Crew program, you must register, a link will be sent to you that will allow you to register. You will need to submit your payment and post-acceptance paperwork. A $50 deposit to secure your spot on Crew is due immediately after your acceptance. The remaining balance and paperwork are due two weeks before your arrival at camp. It is important that you submit your payment and paperwork in a timely manner so that we can count you in for this summer.



Our Crew application will be open for ALL returning and new campers on November 1st.

Apply Quickly. The application will close as we reach 68 females and 68 male applicants.


Crew campers wishing to return for another summer will need to fill out a Returner Application. This application link will be emailed to all past crew campers still eligible for crew on November 1st. 

While this is a different application, it does follow a similar process as the first-year application. Please keep in mind previous Crew experience does not guarantee a spot in the program or on a specific Crew.


Didn’t receive this returner application? Contact

Weekly Activities

  • Tent Bonding (Spend time with your counselor and tent mates doing all kinds of crazy activities)
  • Nights of Worship
  • Practical Bible teaching from Eagle Lake Staff
  • Bible studies
  • Hang out nights (time to get with new friends)
  • Game night (play some Eagle Lake classics like Zots, ultimate frisbee and much more!)
  • Hang out with other Crew members and counselors
  • One-on-ones with our Crew Staff

Weekend Activities

  • Extended time alone with God
  • Beach Day (including: Zip Line, Blob, Kayaking, Canoeing, and more!)
  • White Water Rafting
  • Resting from a hard week of work! (hammocking, sleeping later, eating dinner all-together)
  • A couple of TBD weekend activities.



Want to show your camper some love while they are at camp? Visit our Care Packages page to see how you can do that!

I believe this is the best program my child has ever attended. Everything from the activities, to the learning aspect to the energy of the counselors deserves a perfect rating. —Chiffany, MO

Give the life transforming experience of camp!