2024 Overnight Camps Refresh


An Important Note on 2024 Overnight Camp Offerings

We are thrilled to announce . . . a fantastic new program structure that combines the best elements of our (REZ)ident and Excursions programs into three new age-based camps (8-11, 11-14 and 14-17)! We’re sure you have questions, some of which we’ve tried to answer below. If you have more, we’d love to talk with you about it at check out on Friday!

Why are you making this change?

Two reasons! First, we’ve realized that many kids want more activity options after attending (REZ)ident Camp after a few years. This new structure will allow kids to have new activity options year after year, and—even better—these activities will be more and more adventurous and challenging and grow with your camper!

Second, our Excursions programs are highly sought after—so much so that we have long wait lists year after year. The hardest thing we have to do is turn kids away from an exceptional camp experience! This new structure will ensure more kids are able to experience the love of Christ through exciting outdoor experiences. We can’t wait!

What are the big differences? 

The primary difference is that instead of offering two camp tracks, the classic overnight (REZ)ident camp (think beach time, Crazy Night, and Capture the Flag) and the more adventurous outdoor Excursions program (think mountain biking, tent camping, and rock climbing), we will integrate the two programs so both types of activities are offered at appropriate age levels. (Click on the programs below to discover what exciting experiences are offered at each age level!)

Additionally, because more activities will be offered at each age level, there will be more opportunities for campers to choose which types of activities they want to engage in!

Why are there age overlaps (and what do I do if my kid is in that overlap/age 11 or 14)?

One of the primary goals of this program refresh is getting kids into the activities they’ll love so that they have the best camp experience as possible! And you know your child best. So we’re opening each of these programs up so “fringe” campers can move down or up depending on where you think they’ll thrive best! If you’re still not sure: if your child is new to camp or outdoor adventures, choose the younger group.

Base Camp (ages 8 - 11)

You know this program is right for you if…
1. You’re 8-11 years old
2. Your creed is “Kids just wanna have fun!”
3. You love themes, costumes, big and small team games, free time, skills, beach-time fun like kayaking, blobbing, and volleyball.

Base Camp (ages 8 - 11) >

Ascent (ages 11 - 14)

You know this program is right for you if…
1. You're 11-14 years old
2. Your creed is "I want to try everything and choose my own adventure!"
3. You still love the Eagle Lake classics like the blob and Dippy Club but are ready to experience more adventurous activities like mountain biking and rock climbing.

Ascent (ages 11 - 14) >

Highlands (ages 14 - 17)

You know this program is right for you if…
1. You're 14-17 years old
2. Your creed is "The wilderness must be explored!”
3. You want to hangout with other High Schoolers and experience outdoor adventure.

Highlands (ages 14 - 17) >


You know this program is right for you if…
1. You’re 15-17 years old
2. Your creed is “I want to serve and grow!”
3. You love serving behind the scenes, going deep with people, working hard, and building life-long friendships.

Crew >

Family Camp

Experience all the things your camper comes home raving about - s'mores, kayaking, ziplining across our lake, all while getting away from the worries of daily life, unplugging from screens, and spending time as a family at our beautiful mountain property.

Family Camp >

Counselor in Training

For returning Crew Campers!

You know this program is right for you if...
1. You're entering your senior year of high school
2. You plan to join our Eagle Lake Summer Staff after graduating high school
3. You're passionate about serving, gaining leadership experience, and sharing the Gospel with younger campers

Counselor in Training >