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We’re not for everyone. We’re for the adventurers, the investors, and the ripple-effect makers. The intentional livers and contagious fun spreaders. For Kingdom advancers, discipleship lovers, and childhood advocators. For the broken, the gifted, and the living-in-grace-ers. For people includers and community builders. For the generationally-minded and eternity-focused who will love sacrificially and let peers become family.
Are you any of these? Then we’re for you.

Summer Staff

More than you can imagine

The goal of Eagle Lake Camps is to inspire Christ-centered love and commitment through counselor relationships in the midst of exciting outdoor experiences.


Hiring begins September 1, 2018 and ends May 18, 2019

Applicant must be 18 years old by June to qualify for a staff position.

Due to the in depth nature of our training processes, community development, and desire for quality programming, Eagle Lake offers full-summer positions only; there are no half-summer options available. Summer staff receive a base salary in addition to room and board.

Eagle Lake is an equal opportunity employer.

Application Process

Step 1: START your online application by clicking the button below.

Step 2: After you have completed your application, we will call you to describe our programs, gauge your interest, and set up an interview if you’re ready.

Step 3: After your interview, we’ll do background checks, character reference checks, and past employer reference checks.

Step 4: Once these checks are complete, we will contact you to discuss your employment with Eagle Lake and will work hard to match you to the program that will best utilize your natural giftings and passions.

PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for making sure that your references submit the reference form emailed to them.

2019 Summer Staff Position Overview

Available Staff Positions Commitment Dates
Program Coach May 17–Aug 11, 2019
Part-Time Bus Driver Jun 2–Aug 9, 2019
Day Camp On Location Counselor May 22–Aug 12, 2019
Rezident Counselor May 22–Aug 11, 2019
Day Camp at Glen Eyrie Counselor May 17–Aug 11, 2019
Excursions Counselor May 17–Aug 11, 2019
Crew Counselor May 17–Aug 11, 2019
Cook May 17–Aug 11, 2019
Admin Specialist (GE) May 20–Aug 11, 2019
Medical Staff May 20–Aug 12, 2019
Facilities Assistant May 20–Aug 11, 2019
Photographer May 22–Aug 11, 2019
Videographer May 22–Aug 11, 2019
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Emerging Leader Program

Learn to Lead . . . Like a Boss

The goal of the Emerging Leaders Program is to establish mature, life-long laborers by developing their life and leadership skills through business experience, ministry preparation and spiritual growth.


Aspects of Development



Spiritual Development
During the year, ELP-ers do inductive Bible studies, spend extended time alone with God, attend workshops, participate in book studies, and hear from guest speakers. During the summer, they invest in our summer staff through discipleship and leading Bible studies.

Business Development
ELP-ers learn the ins and outs of the business of Eagle Lake while serving on our team. They participate in many aspects of our business, from Admin and Customer Service to Recruiting, Hiring, Program Development, and more! They also develop business skills through professional development opportunities.

Ministry Partner Development
ELP-ers are required to raise financial support. This is a ministry of building relationships and learning to allow others to be a part of what God is doing by supporting the ELP-er financially and through prayer.

Ministry Experience

ELP-ers have the opportunity to gain first hand ministry experience during the summers through discipleship and leading Bible studies with our summer staff. They are also encouraged to continue growing in ministry experience during the year through involvement in local churches, Bible studies and discipleship with former campers and staff, and other ministry opportunities in the community.

Leadership Development
During the summers, ELP-ers develop their leadership skills by serving as either a Program Coach or Program Director. In the off season, they explore the principles of leadership through Bible studies and book studies. Eagle Lake also helps ELP-ers examine their giftings and passions through a variety of methods, including Meyers-Briggs, Personal Values, StrengthsFinder, and Spiritual Gifts. We then work to help ELP-ers develop their strengths and values and challenge them to learn and grow in other areas.

Opportunities with us

  • Eagle Lake Overnight
  • Eagle Lake Day Camp
  • Eagle Lake On Location

At Eagle Lake, amazing growth and incredible community are daily blessings. If this sounds like something you can get excited about, please contact us for more information, or you can fill out our Emerging Leaders Program application (including the Moral Questionnaire).  

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