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It’s stressful to find a summer job that does all the things. 


You know: one that gives you the work experience your professor says you need, the salary your parents say you need, the fun your friends think you need, and the outlet for your passion you KNOW you need.


No one should have to sacrifice the opportunity to develop their passions just for a chance at a resume builder and a paycheck.


At Eagle Lake, you don’t have to.

Summer Staff

Why not choose a job that lets you have it all?

How to find a job that grows your passion, experience, and bank account:


Hiring begins September 4, 2019 and ends May 16, 2020

Applicant must be 18 years old by June 2020 and have graduated high school/received their high school diploma to qualify for a staff position.

Eagle Lake offers full-summer positions only.

Summer staff receive a base salary in addition to room and board.

Eagle Lake is an equal opportunity employer.

Application Process

Step 1: Start the CONVERSATION by starting your application.

Step 2: We will call you to hear about your passions, find a program that’s a great fit for you, and set up an interview!

Step 3: Finish the application to land a summer job that gives you the experience you need to land your dream career.

2020 Summer Staff Position Overview

Available Staff Positions Commitment Dates
Medical Staff (RN) May 18–Aug 9, 2020
Safety and Security Leader May 20–Aug 10, 2020
Part-Time Bus Driver May 31–Aug 7, 2020
Day Camp On Location Counselor May 20–Aug 10, 2020
Rezident Counselor May 20–Aug 9, 2020
Day Camp at Glen Eyrie Counselor May 20–Aug 9, 2020
Excursions Counselor May 15–Aug 9, 2020
Crew Counselor May 15–Aug 9, 2020
Cook May 15–Aug 9, 2020
Medical Staff May 18–Aug 9, 2020
Application Closed

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