Counselor in Training Program

leadership opportunities, coaching, and spiritual development

Overnight Counselor in Training Program

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We are thrilled to introduce our newest program: Counselor in Training! Designed for returning Eagle Lake Crew Campers who are entering their senior year of high school, this five week program exists to invest in the next generation of Eagle Lake Staff through leadership opportunities, coaching, and spiritual development.



Located at our overnight property, our Counselor in Training Program exists to invest in the next generation of Eagle Lake Staff through 5 weeks of leadership opportunities, coaching, and spiritual development.



  • Where:
    • Located at our overnight property
  • When:
    • There will be two 5-week sessions corresponding to our Overnight Programs Weeks 1-5 and 6-10.
      • Session 1 (June 1, 2024 – July 4, 2024) 
      • Session 2  (July 6, 2024 – August 9, 2024)
  • How:


What the week entails:

  • Intentional Spiritual Development 
    • Participate in our Eagle Lake Staff Bible Study
    • TAWG – Time Alone With God – each day
    • Each CIT will have the option to meet individually with an Eagle Lake Staff member for deeper spiritual discussion and discipleship
  • Serving behind the scenes 
    • Assist with running the Boat House
    • Participate in our Outdoor Crew
  • Growing in leadership 
    • Participate in a weekly Leadership Seminar led by CIT counselors
    • Investing in campers by leading games and activities
    • Opportunities to lead younger Camper Bible Studies alongside trained Eagle Lake Staff
    • Counselors in Training get to have fun with younger campers all week long…
    • AND get time with the other CITs to do activities just as a group together!


How do you know if the Counselor in Training Program is right for you?

This program is right for you if you…

  • Are entering your senior year of high school
  • Have participated in any of our Crew programs
  • Plan to join our Eagle Lake Summer Staff after graduating high school
  • Are passionate about serving, gaining leadership experience, and sharing the Gospel with younger campers


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The Important Stuff

What you need to know before camp

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Pick up authorization

Don’t forget your photo ID for pick up! To ensure each camper’s safety we will check photo IDs to make sure it matches one of the names on the pick-up authorization form (see pick-up authorization below) before releasing a camper. To authorize a friend/family member to pick up your child from camp, please login to your registration account and complete the Pick-up Authorization section.


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Dates Available
Jun 1 – Jul 4 Check availability
Jul 6 – Aug 9 Check availability

Your genuine love for the Lord and love for the campers is evident. The counselors are well trained and genuinely connected with and cared for my children. As a parent, someone else pouring God's truth into your child is invaluable, so thank you for that! —Donna, CO

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