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What We Bring

  • A 60+ year heritage of Christian camping
  • Experience impacting lives with the Gospel in a camp setting
  • In-depth knowledge of and experience with youth ministry
  • 6 years of experience in a number of regions with a myriad of churches and organizations

What You Bring

  • Knowledge of your community and how to best relate to them
  • A launching pad for a relational outreach program
  • Congregation/community members willing to reach out and invite people in
  • A desire to build cross-cultural relationships and to offer scholarships to support the under-served kids in your area

We combine our strengths in collaboration to be better together so that

  • As a highly visible, fun event, our camp allows families in your community to become comfortable with your church and allows you to build relationships in a non-threatening way
  • You are able to identify real and felt needs in your community as you build relationships
  • You follow up with new families who attended by inviting them back for church events and service by working with them to find ways to meet their physical and spiritual needs

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What you need to know

You may request a friend for your camper when you register them for camp. Eagle Lake will strive to accommodate these requests but cannot guarantee them due age and gender grouping considerations. These assignments are made one week prior to camp arrival. Please be sure to submit a friend request online from your account under Manage Registrations.

Eagle Lake On Location

Our On Location program is specifically designed and geared toward seven to twelve year olds. The high energy activities of camp can be difficult for six-year-olds and younger children to keep up with. Please contact our office if you have any questions about younger children attending our camp.

Eagle Lake On Location:

Campers are responsible to bring their own sack lunch each day to camp (unless otherwise specified by your host church). Eagle Lake has a camp store where snacks can be purchased and eaten during free time but feel free to pack some extra snacks in their lunch as well.


Eagle Lake On Location:
Eagle Lake staff will not administer prescription medication to campers. If a camper needs to take a prescription medication during camp, a parent must come to administer the medication.

Eagle Lake On Location: If you are looking for financial aid for one of our Day Camp On Location programs please contact the church or organization hosting the Day Camp you will be attending.

Eagle Lake On Location: Our ratios depend on the amount of campers at each location, but is typically around 7 to 1.

Eagle Lake On Location: Check-in for Eagle Lake On Location is the opening Monday of camp. Please arrive at 8:45 am on opening day to complete the registration process and make sure there are no outstanding forms or balances on your account. Pick-up is at 4:00 pm every day.

To bring Eagle Lake to our community, we partnered with another church in the area. It had never been done before but together we were able to reach a wider community. Seeing our sanctuary packed with families at the festival made my heart swell. Rural churches have the habit of thinking they're too small to make a big difference and so having my church leadership see that we can and did make a difference in the lives of these families did a lot for them. —Rebecca, MO