How do I get to camp if I am flying or taking a bus to Colorado Springs?

If your camper is coming to Colorado Springs by plane or bus, we will provide transportation to and from Eagle Lake on the opening and closing days (Sunday and Friday). We do not provide transportation from Denver International Airport or pick-ups for Colorado Springs residents. The only way we can ensure transportation for your camper is for you to enter your camper’s flight information online in our transportation module, found on your online account, or to reserve the appropriate charter. All travel information must be received within two weeks of your camper’s arrival. In the event that you do not communicate your camper’s transportation needs and reserve the correct shuttle online in a timely way, we are logistically unable to provide transportation for him or her and cannot be held responsible. All campers must have a set airline/bus arrival and departure time in order to be included on a transportation run; because of tightly-scheduled arrangements, we cannot pick up campers flying stand-by.

Last updated: Aug 25th, 2016

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