The Best Summer Job for Graduating High School Seniors


There are few summer jobs that check all the boxes. This is one of them.

Figuring out what your high schooler should do the summer after they graduate is a challenge. While pressures of career, future, and finances are starting to mount, there is no greater time than now to give them an experience that will prepare them in following Jesus and developing critical leadership skills! There is no greater time than now for them to work as a counselor at Eagle Lake Camps.

During a summer at Eagle Lake, not only do our staff have the privilege to invest in the lives of campers and advance the Kingdom of Jesus, but they also grow in leadership, teamwork, resilience, emotional intelligence, and build lasting relationships with their fellow staff members.

If you’re looking for your high schooler to gain valuable soft skills that employers want, working as a camp counselor is a great option! Check out this list of all the resume-building things your child will grow in while working with us.


What qualifies my child to be a counselor at Eagle Lake?

In order to work as a camp counselor for the summer, your child must be 18 by June 1, 2024. They also must model an understanding of the Gospel and a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. They must have a desire to work with 7-12 year olds and to help their campers grow as Jesus grew.

What kind of support would my child have as a counselor at Eagle Lake?

Every summer staff participates in a week and a half of Staff Orientation where they are trained in how to be the best summer staff in the world. This includes how to share the Gospel with kids, how to care for kids’ development and stories, and how to grow in their own life with God over the summer. They’ll be paired with peers as well as one of our summer leaders in a Staff Bible Study where they’ll grow together while studying God’s Word. They receive a biweekly salary as well as all housing and food covered through their employment.

What if my child is a graduating Senior but still 17?

As long as they have graduated high school and are at least 17 years old, they are eligible to be a full-time summer staff counselor with us!

What are the dates they would have to commit to?

Summer staff must report for Orientation on May 22, 2024. The last day of programming is August 10, 2024. If these dates interfere with school commitments or unavoidable family commitments, we will consider adjusting these expectations. Please have your child communicate those dates during their interview.

What if I have more questions?

We’re happy to talk more about what your child’s experience on our summer staff could be like! Please reach out to our Hiring and Recruiting Manager, Annika Heaps at or 719-265-7027.