What if I get homesick?

Our staff is trained to handle each homesick camper individually according to their needs. By offering personal attention, compassion, and encouragement, we have found that campers respond very positively as the week goes on. Some kids have a greater struggle than others and it takes more time to adjust; however, our counselors are committed to seeing these kids make it through the week by keeping them active and occupied.
Eagle Lake does not offer a phone call home as a means of helping a camper overcome homesickness. Such action often makes the situation more difficult after a camper hears the voice of the one he or she is missing the most. If necessary, a parent will be contacted at the discretion of the individual camp director and options will be discussed as to a beneficial course of action for the camper. This decision, however, may or may not include a phone call home, as Eagle Lake does not have phones at camp for campers to make or receive phone calls.

Last updated: Aug 26th, 2016

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