Please find an important Coronavirus (Covid-19) update HERE.

Eagle Lake Health & Safety

We're committed to every camper's safety!


An important note on the Coronavirus

You’ve probably heard of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) by now.

We want to assure you that your camper’s health and safety have been and will continue to remain our highest priority.

We are monitoring the situation and its potential impact on camp and your child’s health and safety closely! We’re regularly checking government, state, CDC, and WHO websites and information streams. We will comply with any directives given from our state and national government, as well as from the CDC and the WHO.

Based on current projections from these organizations, as well as Governor Polis’ latest camp mandates, it was with heavy hearts that we cancelled Week 1 (May 31-June 5) and Week 2 (June 7-12) of ALL CAMPS.

Moreover, we recently had 4 staff members test positive for Covid-19. After lengthy conversations with our county and state health departments, we’ve decided to cancel Week 3 (June 14-19) – Week 10 (August 2-10) of Overnight Camps. No campers were on property this summer, and Overnight staff have not had contact with our Day Camp staff.

For more information on our decision to cancel Overnight Camps, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Thanks for your patience as we find the best way to plan for and communicate about the myriad changes to camp this summer! We appreciate you!






What’s your refund policy when it comes to the Coronavirus?

For any parent who doesn’t feel comfortable sending their child to camp, we will offer a full refund.

For those of you looking for ways to help other parents who’ve been hit hard economically by the virus, you are welcome to donate any monies paid to our Campership Fund, which we use to provide scholarships to campers.

PLEASE NOTE: Because several programs are currently full with wait-lists, if you choose to cancel now, we cannot guarantee you a spot back in the program of your choice.



What if the Coronavirus has caused a drop in my income and camp seems unaffordable now?

We want to take a minute to acknowledge that the Coronavirus has caused many people financial hardship. We are so sorry if you are one of these.

Our heart is that no camper would every be turned away from camp because of the cost. Because of this, we’re currently working on a relief plan for parents hit hard by the economic impact of the Coronavirus. We will update this page when it’s finalized.



Please scroll down for our full answer below!


We will continue to provide updates as we get them!

In accordance with local health recommendations, our office is taking necessary precautions and working remotely as much as possible. For the fastest response, please email or use the chat function on our website, available from 9am – 4:30pm, Monday – Thursday and until 11:30am on Friday.

What are you doing to keep kids safe?



  • Group sizes cannot exceed 10. The 10-person limit does not include staff. The same group of children needs to stay together from day to day.
    • For Eagle Lake, this means: We will divide campers into groups of 8-10, with 1-2 counselors assigned to the group. These groups will stay together all day, each day. They will not interact with other groups. 
    • Additionally, this means that we will be deleting all large group games and activities from our roster, and will be planning a variety of small group games and activities in their place.


  • Groups need to be separated and cannot be combined, so that individuals or groups of children are not mixing and changing from one group to another, including during outdoor activities.
    • For Eagle Lake, again this means that we will be eliminating all large group games and activities from our roster, and will be planning a variety of small group games and activities in their place so that groups never get within 6 feet of each other or interact with each other.


  • Conduct daily temperature checks and monitor symptoms in employees and campers.
    • For Eagle Lake, this means that we’re implementing a new pre-camp health screening, in which we’re asking parents to quarantine their campers for 7 days prior to arrival, checking their campers’ temperatures daily, as well as watching for other “red-flag” health symptoms. Campers who do not pass the health screening will not be allowed at camp. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE CAMPER HEALTH SCREENING FORM.
    • Summer staff are also being asked to follow this quarantine process prior to arrival.
    • We will also be performing daily temp checks for staff and campers during camp.


  • Equipment used indoors and outdoors must be sanitized after each group use, and disinfect all high-touch areas at start and end of the day and, when possible, throughout the day.
    • For Eagle Lake, this means that we will be rotating small groups through each activity, including on the equipment. After a group leaves, all equipment pieces will be thoroughly sanitized before another group can use the equipment. Additionally, this means that we’re increasing the frequency for sanitizing common touch points, including all equipment.


  • Staff are to remain with the same group of children.
    • For Eagle Lake, as we mentioned above, this means that 1-2 counselors will be assigned to each group of 8-10. These counselors will stay with the same group all day, each day.


  • To the best extent possible, children and staff should maintain a distance of 6 feet throughout the day.
    • For Eagle Lake, this means that while campers will be thoroughly supervised by staff, counselors will do their best to maintain a social distance from one another and from campers.


  • Stagger meal times and cease family style dining.
    • For all Eagle Lake Overnight Programs, this means that we are completely revamping how we serve meals so that groups are spread at least 6 feet apart and coming into contact with the food service as little as possible. Meal times will also be more staggered than they are now. 
    • For all Eagle Lake Day Camp Programs, we’re spacing groups further apart to maintain social distancing guidelines.


  • Require handwashing upon arrival and enable handwashing throughout the day.
    • For Eagle Lake, this means that we will have a place for campers to wash their hands on arrival, as well as have regular times and checkpoints throughout the day for campers and staff to be washing hands.


  • Check in: because we want to go above and beyond in protecting our campers, we are also implementing the following:
    • Staggered check in, in which we’re limiting the number of family members who can drop a camper off, and the number of families who can be inside a building at one time to drop campers off, so as to continue to strictly adhere to the 6 foot rule.OVERNIGHT: We’re implementing new drop off windows (by last name):
      A-C: 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM
      D-H: 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM
      I-M: 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM
      N-S: 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM
      T-Z: 2:30 PM – 3:00 PMDAY CAMP: Additionally, we’re looking into a “curbside check in” routine for day camps and a “curbside check out” for all programs to even further limit interaction between our families.


  • FINALLY, to limit the spread of germs on surfaces, WE WILL NOT BE KEEPING ANY LOST AND FOUND AFTER CAMP. We will have several opportunities for campers to look through Lost and Found during their camp session AND we will have a Lost and Found table out on Friday morning for parents to look over as they leave. However, we will no longer search through Lost and Found after camp.


CLICK HERE to read what the CDC says about the Coronavirus in children.




Dear Friends,

This is the third version of this email we’ve created in as many days, because so much has happened in the last 72 hours, culminating in the very difficult decision to cancel Overnight camp.

Just as we received news that Governor Polis approved overnight camps, we also found out that one of our overnight staff members had Covid-19 symptoms. This person soon tested positive for Covid-19, as did three other staff members. Several other staff are currently waiting on test results.

This spread happened despite staff doing their best to self-quarantine before they came to camp, and despite our best, stringent efforts to maintain social distance, remain in family groups, wear masks, deep clean common areas, and more.

Our campers’ safety is our highest priority. After lengthy consultations with local and state health departments, as well as with our own medical advisors, we do not believe that we would be able to maintain a healthy environment and prevent the further spread of Covid-19 between campers or from campers to staff. Moreover, the state requires that we wait a minimum of 28 days after the last symptom’s onset to start camp. This puts us well into July.

And so, with hearts breaking, we’re cancelling all Overnight camps this summer for the first time in 63 years. It hurts. We hate not being able to give your kids the summer camp experience they want and deserve. But we still believe God is sovereign over events. And because we are still convinced that He is good even in this hard moment, we know that He can meet each of our campers wherever they are this summer. We are praying peace and joy and so much laughter and fun for your camper and your family this summer!

But a bit more practically speaking, what this means for you:


1. You can reserve your spot now for next summer (even if you’ve already cancelled your Summer 2020 registration)! We sent an email with a special link to all Summer 2020 campers to do this on Friday, 6/19. Please email us at if you did not receive it.

2. If you have an active Summer 2020 registration and decide not to transfer your registration to Summer 2021, we will automatically cancel your registration and issue a refund for any monies paid. Cancellations and refunds will be processed on Friday, June 26th. Refunds typically take 10-15 business days to post to your account. You don’t need to do anything! However, cancelling all of our overnight programs will have a major financial impact on Eagle Lake. If you would like to donate part or all of your payments to our Friends of Eagle Lake Fund, THANK YOU! Please email us at to do so.

3. Also, we do still have several day camps running strong across Colorado and the Midwest if you’d like to transfer your registration to one of these! We’d love for you to join us at one of them this summer. (There are Crew options available at many sites for older campers!) Due to the very different nature of day camps, we have been able to maintain a healthy camp environment for Day Camp counselors and campers.

We hope you know how long and hard we fought to put camp on for your camper this summer. And you’ll never know how much it meant to us that you stuck with us this long. We are very thankful for you. Again, we’ll be keeping your family in our prayers this summer! Looking forward to seeing your camper in Summer 2021.

In Christ,
the Eagle Lake team