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What you need to know

No! We ask that host homes pick up counselors on Saturday and take them to church on Sunday morning, but other than that we have vans to use for transportation throughout the week. If you happen to drive past the church on your way to work and want to take them, that would be great but it is not required!

Yes, we encourage that!

Counselors are up pretty early! They’ll need to be at the church around 7 am each morning. Generally, they will return to their host homes by 5:30 pm.

Our staff really enjoy getting to be part of host homes! For some families, this means taking counselors to their favorite ice cream shop. For others, this means asking counselors to be apart of family game night. After a long, full day of high energy campers they do need their rest though, and we encourage them to have an early bed time!

There are so many different ways to promote camp! While you know your community and what they would respond best to, here are a couple of ideas we’ve seen work well:

  • Partner with a local school to help spread the word!
  • Be strategic with where you promote! Put posters up in high traffic areas or consider boosting advertisement on Facebook.
  • Set up a creative display in your church foyer with information about camp!

Eagle Lake On Location: Our ratios depend on the amount of campers at each location, but is typically around 7 to 1.